Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why did you go to Nebraska?

I remember watching Jim Carey in the movie 'Yes Man' where he booked flights to Lincoln Nebraska and they made out that this was not exactly most exciting place to visit in all of USA. Well I found myself on a similar quest, thanks to my road trip buddy Donna for organising a meeting with a dear old lady I was keen to see.
Arelene Liska
Arlene Liska still works and lives in a small town Niobrara. She is now in her 80's and is to some extent a pioneer of motorcycle travel. In the 60's she wandered off with then husband Danny to cross the Arctic circle on a BMW. With two leather saddle bags and  a suitcase across the top, they left in 1959 and believe it or not took "The Long Way Round" so in fact were the first to use the title or so I believe.

I turn west at last and the delights of Colorado and California, Yosemite where I'm meeting lots of other motorcycle adventurers at the Horizons unlimited event. This is meeting for all sorts but as I'm doing a presentation on the last trip - Perth to Perth I'd better get there before its too late.

California is lovely and warm. The ride down the Route 1 one the West coast is a dream, lots of turns and lovely scenery.


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