Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blatant plug!

Fancy watching something great on TV?

Great reviews .. here is one from Amazon..
"Posted promptly arriving from Australia (to the UK) in around a week and sent directly by Steven Kirk himself. For those that enjoy adventure motorcycling documentaries this is an absolute winner. Self filmed with occasional help from people and riders met along the way the finished six part three hour result is really very surprising. Far from being an amateur effort it comes across as really very professional. There is the obvious comparison with other shall we say "big budget sponsor supported" films and Perth to Perth matches up fair and square and for the man or biker in the street I would suggest betters them. The filming is excellent and does not feel staged, the emotion is honestly presented and the bit part characters that feature are given an important forward part in the series. I had planned to break up my viewing but got through the complete DVD in one sitting which I hope is a recommendation in itself. Finally, thank you Steven for sharing your adventure, really enjoyed your trip and much respect for producing such a polished, atmospheric and cohesive piece of work. Brilliant"

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