Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mixed emotions & fears

It took me around 6 weeks on the last trip to really get into the trip, the adventure, the escape. Everyone thinks I'm a hardened traveller and take it as matter of fact. The fact of the matter is, I have same nerves as last time, perhaps more.

With 3 weeks left before I fly over to USA, the excitement has gone to some extent and now I feel slightly worried. The same worry and anxiety I had on the last one.

Will this all be ok?
Will my family be ok?
Will my business be ok?
Will my wife leave me ?
Will I crash and die ?
Will lone travel make me weird?

I remember feeling similar before but there was the gentle introduction to the departing phase from my family. They would see me off in UK at a couple of places, meet in Paris and so on but this time I'm leaving from the airport never to see anyone again for months. Quite daunting really!

Added to this I know that when I come back to real life, it is really difficult to get back to normal so there's another worry. (Yes I worry)

Yet I'm counting the days until I can finally put my leg over my bike, put the key in, see the lights and dials come to life and float away onto another wonderful adventure and a different life.

Truth be told, I'm actually nervous about making big statements about "Dangerous roads"
I've said it, so must now do it.

I've also got to get my filming responsibilities together, this has to be better than the last one!

You look at this and think .. you spoiled bastard! What on earth .. "if I was in your shoes" etc.

OK its just my thoughts at the moment. If I didn't write em down then they'd be forgotten. Maybe good idea but I think it's best to be totally honest about all of this. The pictures show the glamour perhaps. The thoughts show the reality.

The motorcycle traveller legend that is Ted Simon did this wonderfully in his book, Jupiters Travels. Nathan Millward was totally honest in his book about a postie bike from Sydney to London. Its not all champagne and caviar apparently.

Waffle? Yeah probably. Just my thoughts at moment.


  1. OK Steven, I'm just playing catch up with you now.

    I fully understand your feelings. Now you are on the road hopefully all of those thoughts and fears should dissolve. As I mentioned to you once before, sponsorship brings debt, and with it pressure. So do many other things, like this blog for instance. Suzanne and I had quite a few "discussions" about our blog because it took up so much time on our trip. Now we are home I realise what a great diary it is, for us. Without it we would have forgotten so much of our trip. It started out as a method of letting our family know where we were and that we were OK, but turned into a monster which more than a year later is still getting hits every day.

    I can't even begin to imagine how much effort is involved in producing a DVD. Don't put pressure on yourself.

    If it was me in your shoes (boots), I'd forget about all of the promo stuff, kick back, and enjoy the ride. Take thousands of photos, for you, and enjoy yourself.

    Try to remember that this trip is about YOU. Enjoy your ride.



    If anyone would like to read our blog, you'll find it here.

  2. Thanks for the support Simon. I'm now into it more and having completed the Dalton Highway without crashing in the mud has settled my nerves. I'm now simply trying to take one or two days at a time and enjoy the thing before it's finished :)