Thursday, 12 June 2014

Some moans, fears and worries.

Up to this point its all been numbers and schedules. Like work and normal life, we all work to numbers, money, costs and schedules. Dates and times. Go to work. Come home. Live to the clock and earn money to survive ... fuck so boring!

The magic of Perth to Perth has been lost. I had changed my view of the world, changed my thinking and attitude. How come, so soon after, I'm pummelled into submission of conforming to the so called  'normal' 9-5. Thats wee boy returning from an adventure isn't so young anymore in his head.

I haven't really been engrossed on this trip so far. Something has definitely been missing. I assumed that, since I'd done a similar trip before and had ridden a lot of places,  that I could deal with everything, plan everything at last minute and just sail on through.

But this isn't right! What's missing?

Previously I'd felt a sense of excitement and  fear from going through scary places, the apprehension and sense of danger, sense of achievement. This time, I've got a smug bastard way of thinking that is annoying me. This robs me of the excitement of innocence, or ignorance, learning of new places etc.

The whole idea of adventure, in whatever way you do it is to feel new stuff, new experience, scary maybe, exciting, smell new smells, see new places, come across wonderful or bad peoples and customs. I've suddenly forgotten all that in the scheme of things. I didn't realise this was missing till now.

I know why

The last couple of months I've been trying to get support from suppliers, manufacturers, get free stuff, free bike, free clothes, luggage etc. My head has been in business mode.

Why was I so hell bent on doing this? In my quest and using my business head, it all made sense. Yeah, would be nice to get stuff but how much energy must I put into it. I understand others have fought long and hard to get some support. Good for them. I haven't had the time or the energy to do this. I have a business to run amongst other things.

People keep asking me, " are you getting support, sponsorship"? "are they giving you free stuff, after all you have promoted their product well"? and so on which makes me feel lacking, yeah, "why shouldn't I get some support"?

I can afford to fund my own trip but it still pains me when I see people being given a brand new bike to take a wee run to the shops. A person who seems to have convinced someone in the marketing department they are worthy of a freebie despite having no credibility. I've been making jokes about needing bigger tits or nicer legs to obtain such aforementioned freebies and despite being true, this isn't helping my mental state at all. I made the mistake of thinking street cred gets you freebies. No it doesnt. David Beckham is a squillionaire yet gets free stuff all the time. Why is that? Well we all know why of course.

Here is the smug bastard bit, since I've been ... here and there and proved myself etc .. why shouldn't they lavish me with free bikes, gear ... ?

Enough Steven !

Its sapping my positive energy and I need to move on.

I need to lose this way of thinking and although I will be getting some help from some manufacturers on this one, I'm not going to be selling my soul for it. That means you don't get to see my tits OK?

My business head has taken me too far down this path and it doesn't make me happy.

So this moan and grumble must be used to change some thinking. I need to get back to wide eyed enthusiasm, adventure is exciting, keep it at that and try to avoid the mundane organisation of flights, costs and deadlines. Many would give their right arm to do this although that would render them useless on a bike mostly.

So the morale of the story is .. as one of my mates has told me in one way or the other ..."fund it yourself, its easier on the heart and soul"


  1. The absolute best freebies I've had on my trip is a bed or a meal from strangers who become friends.
    The generosity of spirit from wonderful people is awesome.

    The "freebies" from the industry you end up paying for - one way or another.

  2. Good luck on your trip Steve.
    I think you really have to way up the true cost
    of obtaining sponsorship. The time and effort, the moral after countless rejections also the possibility of being totally honest about a sponsored product should things go pear shaped. Bit of a dilemma really but I hope you do get worthwhile sponsorship.